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Welcome to GlobalProjectsHelp Family! Our goal is to give every customer the highest quality research. You will be allocated a project Manager and he will take complete responsibility of your work.

We believe “Result is all that matters” and if you are successful we shall be successful by default. We have some standard process and policy to help you score.

We understand you come to us for help…and we accept the complete ownership of your work. We have Faith in Our Staff and Processes and We Can Offer Guarantees Without Hesitation.

Your satisfaction is always our first priority but sometimes delivery issues are beyond control may prevent you from receiving your desired result paper. We are in no way liable or responsible for issues resulting from change in your professor’s outlook or unavailability in your dissertation span, your unavailability or some other technical issues of contact information or internet.

The following are terms of a legal agreement between you and globalprojectshelp. Please read these "Terms Of Use" before using this website. By accessing, browsing, or using this Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this Website. Globalprojectshelp may, without offering you a prior notice, at any time revise these Terms of Use and any other information contained in this Web site. may also make improvements or changes in the services or programs described in this site at any time without notice. at any time without notice.

Pls. see our 10 points Terms and Guarantees

1. Quality Commitment-

With expertise and experience of 7 yrs we can guarantee the best quality, we have always set benchmarks. However, Quality and Content is subjective something that our writers / developers / managers feel is what you / your supervisor may not appreciate. We advice youthatyou cannot simply hand in the model answer as your own and wait to see what grade you expected. This guarantee means that the model answer is to the grade you requested, first-time round without any amendments. We assume no responsibility after the submission and results. If you are not satisfied with your model answer you must get in touch with us within seven days of delivery and we will try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.We by default have intermediate deliveries for your approvals.

2. We inspire you to score High-

Write your own work, use our marking service - and we'll guarantee your final grade! The purpose of our service is to inspire you to write your own work, so to help you with this process we encourage all customers to send back their own written work to be marked. This way it works: request a model answer from us, then use this plus other materials to your disposal to write your own work. Once you have written your own piece, send your work back to us and we will get it marked for you, so you can gauge what level you are likely to receive from your institution. It is worth mentioning that all universities mark differently and all work is subjective, which means the marking service will never be 100% accurate but is merely a guide to help you achieve your desired grade.

3. Plagiarism Guarantee < 7% any case

For your peace of mind we'll scan your model answer with plagiarism software (it's checked against: 9 billion web pages, digital books, journals, over 1 million essays & 200,000 past pieces of work) to ensure it's plagiarism free. You'll get the free scan report with your finished work. We promise that your model answer will be totally unique and plagiarism free. We use writecheck paid access for each and every client. If you detect plagiarism in your work you can rewrite your work. As a custom model answer company, all orders are unique to every customer, 100% guaranteed. Our writers are fully aware of the implications of plagiarism and do not conduct themselves in this manner. However, if on the rare occasion you do detect plagiarism in your order then please contact your Project Manager at the earliest convenience to resolve the situation. As dictated in our Terms & Conditions, no customer will be able to claim any monetary reimbursement if they hand in the model answer to their applicable institution.

4. Deadline – Intermediate Delivery Commitments

We do not accept work if it is not feasible to be delivered. We guarantee that your model answer will be completed on time. As a company, we take every precaution to ensure that your order is delivered to you on the date you requested it to be ready. On the rare occurrence that your order is not ready on time. assumes no responsibility in such situations. We advice to request your Project Manager for scheduling intermediate deliveries. Request your work with reasonable deadline to avoid 11th hour pressure. Plan the final deadline with your Manager on the day 1 so we can meet the final deadline safely. Free chapter by chapter delivery available. All your work over 6,000 words you have the option to receive your work chapter by chapter. Keep an eye on the progress of your work - be involved in the writing process and get exactly what you want!

5. Complete Confidentiality – Our strict work ethics

We respect your confidentiality and understand the work ethics. Your work will be treated with the strictest confidence; we only ask for information that will help us process your order. Your privacy is important to us, and we will never give your details to anyone whatsoever. As a company we realise the importance of confidentiality and will only use your information to complete your work and for communication between yourself and globalprojectshelp that’s it. Globalprojectshelp is appreciated for its strict code of confidentiality.

6. Cancellation Policy / Termination / Exit / Commitment Policy
Time of cancellation Amount Details
Within 24 Hours of the order placement and payment/advance payment Upto 90% of the order value We intend to give 100% refund for the order, however we incur cost for transaction fee charges and accounts when we return the money to you and as such 10% deduction. This is however valid for normal order with delivery of over 10 days. For urgent deadline(Less than 7 days of completion time), no refund is possible after placing the order.
Within 2-3 Days from the date of confirmation and payment/advance Upto 50% of the order value Writer gets allocated the next day from the date of confirmation and as such the deduction of 50% amount is done. Further, this refund is subject to a genuine reason
After 3 days from the date of confirmation No Refunds No refunds are possible at this stage for both normal and urgent deadlines.

6.1 VIMP Commitment and Completion Clause
Both parties very clearly and fully understand hereby and accept the importance of completion commitment towards each other considering the nature of business. Company under no circumstances can leave the client without completion of full work. You hereby commit to the company to make payments promptly and in full under any circumstances. No party can breach this commitment towards each other. Quality is very subjective and hence the company shall be responsbile for modifications and amendments upon requests to satisfy the yourself. You hereby agree and commit not to backdrop or terminate the project in between for any reason whatsoever. If under any circumstances you choose to withdraw / exit / terminate / not continue / not respond / discontinue your project you are liable to pay your entire dues in complete and you agree to this completely. Inspite of this by failing to pay the committed project investment under any circumstances, you hereby authorise the company to choose any means to recover its dues by the involving Legal Professionals, courts and other means like involving your University officials and any other means deemed fit to COMPNAY to help recover its full funds. Commitment works only it is both sided. We shall work on our top performance to do everything needful for your success. Both parties agree and understand the dependability expected from both sides.

6.2 Choice of Law and Jurisdiction
  • These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, INDIAN law.
  • The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of India, PUNE shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these terms or the legal relationship established by them, and for these purposes irrevocably submit all disputes to the jurisdiction of the courts in PUNE.

Refund Policy
Reason for Refund Request Amount Details
Paid more than Quoted and requested refund within the time frame of completion 100% of the excess value The amount in excess to our quotes as sent in a mail without any addition in scope will be refunded back 100% for both normal and urgent deliveries.
Manager / Writer / Developer Not Found Upto 100% of the order value We shall refund to a maximum of 100% of the amount paid to us for the order.
Deadline Missed 0% We do not accept work if we cannot complete. However, if the deadlines are missed for whatsoever reason out of control. No refund is made. We understand the responsibility. Don’t worry.
Work Rejected 0% We are willing to rework till you are satisfied with the work. However, since this work is subjective and what looks Ok to one person may not look OK to other, no refunds are possible. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of work, we can revise the work till you are convinced of the work. Free Revisions allow you to customize as many times as you wish within max 7 days of submission.
Failed the Dissertation / Coursework 0% Our work is intended to be used as reference and not to be submitted 'as it is'. There is no refund applicable in this case. Before submissions pls. verify if plagiarism, referencing, grammar and quality is intact. We recommend you to get intermediate feedbacks from your supervisor to your work to be certain of Result.
7.1 Limitation of liability

You agrees that neither “Global Projects Help” nor its directors or employees shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from the use/delivery/performance or the inability to use/deliver/perform the Service or for replacement cost or resulting from the Services subscribed to or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or of User’s transmissions or data. You further agree that “Globalprojectshelp” shall not be liable for any damages arising from interruption, suspension or termination of Service, whether such interruption, suspension or termination was justified or not, negligent or intentional, inadvertent or advertent. You also agree that it is your sole remedy under this Terms of Use is cancellation of the Service. By viewing, using, or interacting with us in any manner with this site, including chats on FB, banners, advertising, or pop-ups, and as a condition of the website to allow you lawful viewing, you forever waive all rights to claim any damage or compensation or direct, indirect or consequential loss.

7.2 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions or the sales transaction between COMPANY and yourself shall be governed by the laws of India, without regard to its conflicts of law rules. Specifically, the validity, interpretation, and performance of this agreement shall not be governed by the any other LAW. COMPANY and you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and the exclusive venue of The Court of Pune, India to resolve any dispute between them related hereto, and the parities waive all rights to contest this exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such Courts. Finally, you also agree not to bring any legal action, based upon any legal theory including contract, tort, equity or otherwise, against COMPANY that is more than three months after the date of the applicable invoice.

7.3 Severability

If any provision contained in this agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions and portions of this agreement, and the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision shall be deemed modified so as to have the most similar result that is valid and enforceable under applicable Indian law.

8. Your work will be fully referenced
Your model answer will be fully referenced in the style of your choice - you'll receive a bibliography too. Free help locating the sources used in your work. If you can't find a journal, or a source that the writer has used, we'll help to point you in the right direction.

9. Get complete satisfaction with our free amendments promise
If for whatever reason you feel your model answer has not met your original instructions, just contact us within 7-10* days of getting your finished work and we'll amend the work for you - free of charge. Ultimate work submitted to your institute must be your own work. After you are done with submissions we cannot do anything. So pls. be available and contact with reasonable deadlines. Your amendments will be delivered on time. Your work will be scanned for plagiarism before final deliveries.

10. Entire Agreement
These Terms and Conditions are the complete and exclusive agreement between the COMPANY and you, and they supersede all prior or contemporaneous proposals, oral or written, understandings, representations, conditions, warranties, and all other communications between the COMPANY and you relating to the subject services. This agreement may not be explained or supplemented by any prior course of dealings or trade by custom or usage. We look forward to make your experience as smooth as possible and continue our track record of assisting students worldwide to achieve Merit’s and Distinctions... Associate yourself with the Champions to be one! Congratulations!

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